Connect and disconnect

Human relationships are complex. That’s me wanting to state the obvious and at the same time trying to tell what I feel in one sentence. But it’s just too impossible. Suddenly, I just… Continue reading

Hope as an object

There it was, beyond the penthouse, after the roof, getting past the clouds, glued to the ocean up above. It was not anywhere but there, Sometimes, it hides. Sometimes, it shows itself. Like… Continue reading

Kape pa

Ano ba ang ibig sabihin sa’yo ng pretty? Yun ba yung girls na witty? O yung mga naka-short na maikli, At maputi ang kili-kili? Gusto ko lang malaman kung bagay tayo, Yung bang… Continue reading

A poem for no one

My back against the dirty sheets, With legs up on a pile of cushions, Drifting away as I sink, Savoring the exhaustion. The lights flickered twice, In between, I caught a glimpse of… Continue reading

One last shot at love this year

The year is over. Time flew really fast. I gasped heavily as I tried to welcome thoughts about what have transpired this year. It wasn’t perfect for sure. I planned and hoped for… Continue reading

The art of not giving a shit

Sometimes I care but mostly I don’t or at least, I no longer do. A few months ago I had this dilemma, asking why on earth people care so much, why I feel… Continue reading


Hindi nakikisama ang tadhana, sa mga gusto kong mangyari, Bigla ka pa kasing dumating, at pumatong sa patong-patong na pangarap. Hindi naman sa hindi kita gusto, hindi ko lang gusto na nagustuhan kita,… Continue reading

Far away but still at home

To be far away from home is one thing, to find a home while traveling is another thing. After leaving Cebu, I felt I was a bit older and bolder. My heart was… Continue reading


Uminom ako ng kape kaninang umaga, Nag-papalpitate na naman ang puso ko, Kagaya ng naramdaman ko noong unang beses kitang makita, Hindi makahinga, nakatulala, hindi makapaniwala. Balak ko tuloy tumakbo ng mabilis, Uunahan… Continue reading

Beautiful Nightmare

A window cracked open inside a small portion of my chest, From it was a strong pressure that sucked all thoughts of you, Then you turned into a poison that I could not… Continue reading