When James came into my life…

The last thing I need in my life right is unnecessary distractions but you came in it and I’m just as helpless as I’ve always been. I don’t need you but every part… Continue reading

Mt. Ugo, the endless climb

I was at another mountain climbing adventure three weeks ago. It was an endless climb. Our target, Mount Ugo, is one of the tallest within the cordillera mountain range. It is, in fact,… Continue reading

Singapore saves me

  I wish I could say I was at my best state when I went to Singapore last week but I was really not. If anything, I just had this bits and pieces… Continue reading

Heart messing up

You never told me I’m smart, Yet when you said you never met someone you could talk to about this and that, I feel smart, Because you were so sure I know what… Continue reading

A friendly reminder

Ano na ang nangyari sa iyo? Saan ka na napunta? Ang sabi mo malayo ang iyong pupuntahan, Bakit nandito ka pa rin? Sa bandang malayo, pinagmamasdan kita, Ang bagal ng lakad mo, May… Continue reading

Climbing “Mother of Assault”

Last week’s climb was my most difficult so far. When we arrived at the area, you could guess that it has been raining for days there. The problem is when you live a… Continue reading

Connect and disconnect

Human relationships are complex. That’s me wanting to state the obvious and at the same time trying to tell what I feel in one sentence. But it’s just too impossible. Suddenly, I just… Continue reading

Hope as an object

There it was, beyond the penthouse, after the roof, getting past the clouds, glued to the ocean up above. It was not anywhere but there, Sometimes, it hides. Sometimes, it shows itself. Like… Continue reading

Kape pa

Ano ba ang ibig sabihin sa’yo ng pretty? Yun ba yung girls na witty? O yung mga naka-short na maikli, At maputi ang kili-kili? Gusto ko lang malaman kung bagay tayo, Yung bang… Continue reading

A poem for no one

My back against the dirty sheets, With legs up on a pile of cushions, Drifting away as I sink, Savoring the exhaustion. The lights flickered twice, In between, I caught a glimpse of… Continue reading