Woman of his dreams

When you said she was the woman of your dreams, it reminded me of a scar that’s long been there, it no longer hurts but it’s making me think, to you, was I… Continue reading

Adult life

In the past weeks, I was forced to act like a real adult. I’ve been going back and forth to the hospital and had myself checked by several doctors I only met for… Continue reading

Sick and shits

I took three teaspoons of Benadryl before going to bed. It was raining hard outside and the level of irritation that I am feeling inside my body has reached a new high. Earlier… Continue reading

I’m not texting you because

So I stopped texting you, you might be wondering why. As a normal person who I supposed has a well functioning brain, I won’t expect you to go an extra mile to read… Continue reading

Walang katapusang paalam

Sa bawat pag-tipa ng tuldok, lagi na lang nasusundan ng tandang pananong. Parang silang naghahabulan, parang mauubusan ng oras sa gitna ng mundo na walang katapusan. Hindi na kita susundan kahit na gusto… Continue reading

Glass Wall

There he was, behind the glass wall, one of the many things that are passing by, moving fast like a speed of light. I wanted to call him but I looked away, even… Continue reading

How not to fall in love with a friend

So they say the best way to ruin a friendship is dwell on the thought you could be lovers and fall in love with him. It’s a suicide, I know. But is there… Continue reading

The island girl takes Cebu with family

My most anticipated trip with family in Cebu is now over and the good vibes is just overflowing. Just looking at the photo already makes my heart skip a bit. The trip reminded… Continue reading

How to know when the bad days are over

I can’t always feel scared. What the future holds is what the future holds. Even if I have loads of money, there’s no way to figure out what’s in there. I’ve always wanted… Continue reading

Batanes and other islands in north

This week’s coverage was one hell of an experience. In just a matter of few days, we traveled by air, by land, and by sea. We sailed along the coast of Cagayan to… Continue reading