First thing first: my Turkish romance

It was while I was laughing hard, a comical, loud laugh without any poise, when he said for the first time that I’m beautiful. I believed in it. We were at the foot… Continue reading

Girl by the river

I am not perfect, I have bruises on my skin, around a hundred mini cuts like the ones in my heart, And I have fantasies, very delusional ones, those that lead you to… Continue reading

Back in China

So I was back in China. As usual, I wasn’t that keen. And as usual, I enjoyed it. So much than I ever expected it. I love travelling. It makes a person feel… Continue reading


Nang ako ay mahiga sa buhanginan, Nadali ng malutong na hampas ng alon ang aking dibdib, Kasabay nito ang paglagapak ng iyong katawan sa aking pagkatao, Na sa isang iglap ay napagkaitan ng… Continue reading

Solo sojourn at Bantayan Island

A few months ago, I embarked on a solo trip to Bantayan Island, the northernmost part of Cebu, which already became my favorite place outside Metro Manila, next to Bicol. The primary reason… Continue reading

Losing a loved one

Now I know that when you’ve lost a loved one, you don’t have to force yourself to cry instantly. At some point, you just have to wait for the tears to arrive like… Continue reading

Taking care of a broken pearl

Sold it way too short, dipped it in chocolate-flavored poison, They say I must take care of it, treat it like a queen Instead, I’m here, using it as a pawn. Almost threw… Continue reading

Coffee after sex

Movements in fixed rhythm, in a mattress that lies in the desert, sweat flooding the sand, while emotions were forced to go away. Skins pressed together hardly, both in skin-deep state of mind,… Continue reading

Things, good and bad

How do we move on from things? I mean, different things, all the things, everything. Like if something bad happened today, how do we move on from it? I know life is unfair… Continue reading

How do we escape Death?

Now I know it’s true that when you’re dealing with something like a loved one fighting for her dear life, nothing else is more significant. It has been months since Ate Riza’s battle… Continue reading