Heart is on fire, attached to a wire, palms sweating, must have been tired from too much beating. You come and go, as if it was just a game, now I’m palpitating, from… Continue reading

Still wandering and wondering at 25

I just turned 25. To celebrate, I went to the beach, felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, and have let the perpetual sound of the waves crashing through the shore… Continue reading

Lola Aida

  Habang nakatingin sa iyong ataol, kasama ng mga halamang nakahiga sa ilalim ng iyong himbingan, hinanap kita sa mga ala-alang nakasiksik sa iba’t ibang sulok ng aking utak, hinahayaang dumaloy sa aking… Continue reading

Death after death

I’m not one to solicit sympathy. A few years ago, I decided that all my social media accounts would only serve as the online catalog for photos and random events that don’t really… Continue reading

Part 2: Turkey and all

The memories are drifting away. The images in my head look like they are no longer as vivid as before. I still remember that I threw snowballs at you in Cappadocia, I just… Continue reading


Ang ingay. Iba’t ibang tao, pare-parehas ang sinasabi, May pumapasok, may lumalabas. Isinusuka ang mga salitang hindi kayang isalba ang aking pagkatao, Kinukutya ng mga bulong na nagmumula sa isang sulok ng aking… Continue reading

Bye, 2016!

2016 is over. I can’t tell this 100 percent but it may have been one of the best years I’ve had. From the stimulating bumps in the road to sporadic stopovers, I don’t… Continue reading

First thing first: my Turkish romance

It was while I was laughing hard, a comical, loud laugh without any poise, when he said for the first time that I’m beautiful. I believed in it. We were at the foot… Continue reading

Girl by the river

I am not perfect, I have bruises on my skin, around a hundred mini cuts like the ones in my heart, And I have fantasies, very delusional ones, those that lead you to… Continue reading

Back in China

So I was back in China. As usual, I wasn’t that keen. And as usual, I enjoyed it. So much than I ever expected it. I love travelling. It makes a person feel… Continue reading