Off course in a clear road

I’m losing my way. Whatever game this is, I’m on the verge of losing it. But it’s not like I’ve ever wanted to win, it’s not like I intend to sacrifice my own… Continue reading

My passion for music and Lana Del Rey

“Music makes me literally happy,” I thought, after I found myself smiling while listening to some of Lana Del Rey songs, which I’ve just been discovered few days back. I don’t have a… Continue reading


I’m longing for a change, a beautiful one. I’m willing to cross a disinclined path, I’m willing to endure the pain of undying patience it requires me, I’m willing to sacrifice my reality… Continue reading

His name is Cristian

We were looking at the three-legged dog that suddenly appeared into our sight. We were at the park in front of the hotel we’ve been staying for almost six days now, seated on… Continue reading

Quick bliss

What, where, when and to whom you can find bliss? I think I just found mine, right now, right here at my favourite coffee shop, at the right spot, with the right drink.… Continue reading

If first love dies…

Until now, she’s still being haunted by those memories, 360 days have passed and just few little advancement, She still fumbles through the same sentiments, Wanting to move on, Yet wanting to go… Continue reading

How a dream could fuck me up

Lately I’ve been having weird dreams about the past and as much as I hate it, it’s not like I could control it. They were not purely bad, I mean my dreams. Most… Continue reading


Life. How do you really deal with it? Does getting through one painful day enough? Does being able to touchdown your bed at night enough? Days ago, I watched this movie called Gia.… Continue reading

I in the midst of a heavy downpour

The sky burst out into tears, Series of thunders screeching into the whole scene, it soaked my heart into fears it drowned me into memories I would never again feel. It keeps on… Continue reading

May-December ‘fail’ romance

It has been almost two years since I’ve broken through the railings of my first relationship. I wish it was just like a typical teenage love affair but it wasn’t. I was 19… Continue reading