Life. How do you really deal with it? Does getting through one painful day enough? Does being able to touchdown your bed at night enough? Days ago, I watched this movie called Gia.… Continue reading

I in the midst of a heavy downpour

The sky burst out into tears, Series of thunders screeching into the whole scene, it soaked my heart into fears it drowned me into memories I would never again feel. It keeps on… Continue reading

May-December ‘fail’ romance

It has been almost two years since I’ve broken through the railings of my first relationship. I wish it was just like a typical teenage love affair but it wasn’t. I was 19… Continue reading

World’s no.1 problem

I can rant about my failed past relationship, my shitty mood towards my job, my talkshit and insensitive friends, and about being broke, but they will not be the main reason why I… Continue reading

Work and sadism

A friend randomly asked me yesterday night how I’m coping with work. I paused for a bit thinking that was so easy to answer. It was then that I realized that in the… Continue reading

Birthday curse

Earlier this month I celebrated my 21st birthday or my exactly 7,644th day here on earth. It was just an ordinary day except for the fact that it was the first time in… Continue reading