How temporary was this for you?

How temporary was this for you? While I give up everything, While my expectations are high, While I closed the gates of possibilities, And locked you up in my dreams? How long was… Continue reading

Rationale for being stubborn

I’m not a workaholic. I never was. Instead of staying up late in the press office to keep an eye out on my computer if there’s any big news that would still come… Continue reading

Hopeful about love

I like people who are in love. I appreciate relationships that are lasting and I feel bad about those that are ending. But of course, if it’s the one who broke my heart… Continue reading

Save more, eat less

This year, I’m going to make some changes. This is a bit external. There’s no deep explanation and there’s not much profound rationale behind this. I just think I have to put it… Continue reading

Hello, 2014!

Few days before the year ended, I have written two year-end reports regarding the things that I have been writing about all year for my newspaper. For those two reports, one about the… Continue reading

Happiest moments make you the saddest

I just had the best Christmas in so many years, or at least up to that part of my adolescent years that I can still remember. No grand dinner, no exaggerated music in… Continue reading

A Christmas cold night dilemma

We’ve never really been so deep. Our relationship didn’t even get that far. At least if you compare it to how long I have planned for it to last which is forever. Or… Continue reading

London bridge did not fall down, it only shined bright like a diamond

I have only been in London for seven days but I felt like I’ve already been there for years, that when I was about to leave, it feels like I’m slowly drifting away… Continue reading

Indeed I’m tired

From the crowded tube filled with noise, to a circle surrounded with intrinsic hypocrisy, clarity and bits of harmony were bound with wire, they are clamoring in my head, Indeed, I’m tired. I’m… Continue reading

Memory Pill

You are my memory pill, someone from the past who serves as a remedy for my broken soul, a sweet thing that happened to me years ago when I was still so young,… Continue reading