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There are so many things going on around the world, at least based on the things I’ve read in the last couple of days. Kanye West making controversial statements on slavery, which coincidentally… Continue reading

I remember everything

The truth is, I remember everything. I take them in hard. Your scent, the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you play around words as if you can escape… Continue reading

What happened that night

I fell in love, with things that faded easily, under the moon so bright, while stars are shining bright. You held my hands, uttered candid promises, which I took in amid doubts, amid… Continue reading

I don’t have a boyfriend because…

I don’t have a boyfriend. People already know that I don’t but they keep asking me anyway. They ask because they want to know what’s wrong. They want to know why it’s taking… Continue reading

Dealing with a lost luggage

So I lost my luggage. I fell asleep on the bus, missed my original stop going to Los Angeles, and ended up being in Anaheim (which was, well, as foreign to me as… Continue reading

Paalam, Sir Mike!

My first distinct memory of Sir Mike was when he met a group of agriculture reporters for an intimate dinner a few years ago. I was just new in that group so that… Continue reading

2018 and changes

Changes for me didn’t come exactly after New Year. It was gradual. Slowly, I avoided doing several things that have been giving me irrational anxiety for I don’t know how long, maybe months—… Continue reading

Walk of Shame

Here I go again, Making it to the runway, Heels barely worn, While having a hard time Remembering where I came from. With a messy hair, I jumped into yesterday’s clothing, That was… Continue reading

To my future love pill

Hey there, Life’s been throwing shits at me lately. But I just want you to know that I haven’t given up on certain things— things like love… its concept, its myth, its realities.… Continue reading

Feelings and the lack thereof

Feelings, they comprise me. They allow me to operate in this universal sweatshop. Sometimes, I take a minute or two to try to dissect every emotion I feel inside me… they that are… Continue reading