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What happened that night

I fell in love, with things that faded easily, under the moon so bright, while stars are shining bright. You held my hands, uttered candid promises, which I took in amid doubts, amid… Continue reading

Walk of Shame

Here I go again, Making it to the runway, Heels barely worn, While having a hard time Remembering where I came from. With a messy hair, I jumped into yesterday’s clothing, That was… Continue reading


Heart is on fire, attached to a wire, palms sweating, must have been tired from too much beating. You come and go, as if it was just a game, now I’m palpitating, from… Continue reading

Lola Aida

  Habang nakatingin sa iyong ataol, kasama ng mga halamang nakahiga sa ilalim ng iyong himbingan, hinanap kita sa mga ala-alang nakasiksik sa iba’t ibang sulok ng aking utak, hinahayaang dumaloy sa aking… Continue reading

Girl by the river

I am not perfect, I have bruises on my skin, around a hundred mini cuts like the ones in my heart, And I have fantasies, very delusional ones, those that lead you to… Continue reading


Nang ako ay mahiga sa buhanginan, Nadali ng malutong na hampas ng alon ang aking dibdib, Kasabay nito ang paglagapak ng iyong katawan sa aking pagkatao, Na sa isang iglap ay napagkaitan ng… Continue reading

Taking care of a broken pearl

Sold it way too short, dipped it in chocolate-flavored poison, They say I must take care of it, treat it like a queen Instead, I’m here, using it as a pawn. Almost threw… Continue reading

Coffee after sex

Movements in fixed rhythm, in a mattress that lies in the desert, sweat flooding the sand, while emotions were forced to go away. Skins pressed together hardly, both in skin-deep state of mind,… Continue reading


While she tries to wrap herself around him, And let her head rest on his shoulder, She was desperate, It was there in her pleading eyes… Then he mistook the desperation, He thought… Continue reading

Woman of his dreams

When you said she was the woman of your dreams, it reminded me of a scar that’s long been there, it no longer hurts but it’s making me think, to you, was I… Continue reading