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First thing first: my Turkish romance

It was while I was laughing hard, a comical, loud laugh without any poise, when he said for the first time that I’m beautiful. I believed in it. We were at the foot… Continue reading

I’m not texting you because

So I stopped texting you, you might be wondering why. As a normal person who I supposed has a well functioning brain, I won’t expect you to go an extra mile to read… Continue reading

When James came into my life…

The last thing I need in my life right is unnecessary distractions but you came in it and I’m just as helpless as I’ve always been. I don’t need you but every part… Continue reading


How could you tell if you like the person? How could you tell if you like him very much? Is there a way to measure feelings? How do you do it? When you… Continue reading

How not to feel so much?

I feel so much. I wish I know how not to. When the rain pours at a time when I forget to bring my umbrella, I would think I’m being punished. That the… Continue reading

My short lived Italian romance

I was about 150 kilometers away from reality. My cousins, new friends, and I were having the time of our lives. We were on top of the provincial jeepney, traversing the highway carved… Continue reading

Born To Die

When I was a kid, I used to worry a lot about death. I used to spend each day wishing the day would never end because as the sun sets, my fear that… Continue reading

Gloomy Monday

I won’t pretend it’s ok, that it didn’t hurt me at all. Today, I had to change back to my home clothes after dressing up for a Christmas lunch I thought I was… Continue reading

‘I came here to dance’

A sight of a two huge muscular security guards both wearing black shirts and pair of jeans standing side by side at the widely opened entrance door will welcome you as soon as… Continue reading


The rain shower interspersed with heat, The night was getting shorter than I thought, Catching my breath as I make it there, Trading the entire day for an exchange of glimpse. It was… Continue reading