Part 2: Turkey and all

The memories are drifting away. The images in my head look like they are no longer as vivid as before. I still remember that I threw snowballs at you in Cappadocia, I just couldn’t tell anymore if I did hit you. I was really sure that you called me ‘honey’ after spending a night together, now I’m not. Your voice, every time it utters my name, was there hesitance? All I know is you were struggling to pronounce my whole name. Still, you prefer to call me that way instead of just Mads. Wait, did you say that I’m sexy during our last dinner together?

The bubble that kept our memories safe for awhile seems to have burst already. As much as I want to cling on to even the most insignificant moment that we shared, the growing space between us never seems to stop expanding. Time flies. The strings raining upon us have stopped pouring. There was nothing to nurture anymore, even the feelings. Even if the truth is, as sad as it may seem, I remember everything about you. Every single detail.

Anyway, as much as there are still a thousand words left unwritten in our story, I decided I won’t write about you for awhile. Instead, I’ll relish on the general idea how euphoric my Turkey trip was… how fortunate I was to be there even only for a few days.

For the record, I didn’t like all the food that was served for us. But I like how they serve cheese in almost every meal, especially in breakfast. I like how I’m already full before the main course—usually an option among lamb, fish, and beef— arrives because of the series of some ‘serious’ appetizers that are being served… appetizers like soup that are almost, always strong and rich in flavor, flowery salad, bread that are certainly made up of sophisticated Turkish flour, and like I said, cheese! I just can’t stop eating cheese!

And the places. Oh my god. Was god high when he was creating Turkey? It is so beautiful and the weather, even if it almost killed me, is just perfect.

Me saying that I like Turkish people would be an understatement. I love them! At least those that I got the privilege to meet. They are all nice in nature, smiles a lot, talks a lot, and very accommodating. They all seem shy at first but they always turn out friendly and smart.

During the trip, I also get to spend time with some reporters and local flour importers, all different types of people– shy, talkative, fun, appreciative, too appreciative, ungrateful and mean. This has led me to my ultimate realization during the entire trip: “girls will be girls and boys will be boys”. And as a friend would say, I may have always been in the middle of it, the “and”, the “will be”, and the “semicolon” in this comparison, the disruptor, the alter ego both genders can only love or hate.

Anyway, Turkey has been awesome. I will be back for sure.



Izmir & Sirince