Solo sojourn at Bantayan Island

A few months ago, I embarked on a solo trip to Bantayan Island, the northernmost part of Cebu, which already became my favorite place outside Metro Manila, next to Bicol. The primary reason for it was to escape so many things in my life at that moment. To cut it short, I just really wanted to runaway from my insecurities as well as from real problems such as dealing with a dying friend. Aside from my oversize knapsack, I carried with me a heavy heart during the trip. It became heavier when I received a text informing me of her passing as soon as I touched down the island.

Anyway, it was still a trip to remember for me. I think I’ve spent enough time with myself. I craved for sand, beach, nature, serenity and got them at their best. From Manila, it took me at least seven hours to get to Bantayan. I needed to travel by air, by land, and by sea. It was quite a long and exhausting trip but it was all worth it. Someday, I will be back in Bantayan. Hopefully by then, the desire to runaway is no longer there, only the need to luxuriate on its beauty.