Taking care of a broken pearl

Sold it way too short,
dipped it in chocolate-flavored poison,
They say I must take care of it, treat it like a queen
Instead, I’m here, using it as a pawn.

Almost threw it in a sea of garbage,
and it doesn’t hurt so much,
as it gets deeper and deeper down there,
the more it doesn’t matter.

Crystals are tattooed under my eyes,
But I never really cried,
In such a dramatic world,
My feelings are just really always dry.

Keeping an eye on you stings,
It uncloaks my Achilles’ heel,
it exhibits so many foreign things,
Like me wanting to know how to love again would feel.

You ought to know by now,
that I’m not your ordinary girl,
with a brain containing a thousand different thoughts,
And a heart that seems more like a broken pearl.