Mt. Bikay + Buntot Palos Falls

I went on a climb a few days ago. It was short and quick but the weather was not on our side. It had been raining cats and dogs all through out the day, leaving the trail muddy, extra slippery, and well, dangerous. Not to mention that I just suffered from respiratory infection and sinusitis that lasted for more than a month. But we have traveled quite long that upon arriving at the foot of the mountain, we’ve already made it halfway. So backing out wasn’t really an option. To be fair, it was never an option for me in many aspects in my life.

Anyway, so we traversed Mt. Bikay, one of the mountains in the vast Sierra Madre. It was my fourth climb for this year. The fake catch was no less than the very vibrant Buntot Palos falls situated at the heart of the country’s longest mountain range. The real catch was more of I was able to breathe out all the fuss of the city life.

Before climbing, my days were just plain toxic. I didn’t want to elaborate on the shitty things that have transpired but I proved to myself that nature is literally the perfect escape. There are just so many things going on in my head right now I just hope I can be good at segregating all the garbage that’s being dumped right in front of my face. Right now, all I need is a quick fix and climbing is always a good idea.