The island girl takes Cebu with family

My most anticipated trip with family in Cebu is now over and the good vibes is just overflowing. Just looking at the photo already makes my heart skip a bit. The trip reminded me that despite the pain that this family have caused me and I’ve caused them, vice versa, when I’m with them, I don’t need other things to be complete. I am happy just seeing all of them happy.

So we went to Oslob. Shit that place is a paradise. The sky is so blue as well as the ocean. The boat then brought us to the spot where we can swim with harmless whale sharks called Butanding. They are such lovely animals. The experience was not new to me but it was far better than the first time when I did it in Donsol, Sorsogon in Bicol Province. The water was clear and the whale sharks were not reluctant to swim with us crazy humans dying to see them. It makes me think what these animals think of us or if they ever do.

Then we went to Aguinid Falls, another gem that my lovely country has.

For our last night in Cebu, my brothers and I took the Sky Adventure challenge while parents stayed at the buffet area where we had our dinner. To be fair, the dinner area boasts a city view that is just amazing and food that is surprisingly good.

The trip was definitely one for the books!