You and me and the endless impossibilities

You and me are two ships sailing coast to coast,
one big ocean separated by a thousand islands,
some little pieces of fallen orbits,
stars shining a hundred lightyears away.

You and me, we don’t belong in the present,
neither in the past or in the future,
We belong in a time that didn’t exist,
sworn to never happen at the darkest corner of the universe.

Yet the stars aligned for a quick moment,
when our eyes met one night,
In a particularly normal day,
that turned extraordinary in a speed of light.

How strange and normal it was,
to be with each other while looking away,
beyond thick piles of clouds,
savouring each minute, while seconds are burning away too fast.

You and me and the endless impossibilities between us,
Of different timezones and worlds,
From an empty space to a glass filled with hope,
In separate lives that can’t be as one.