Singapore saves me


I wish I could say I was at my best state when I went to Singapore last week but I was really not. If anything, I just had this bits and pieces of momentary excitement brought about by my independence and the new things that I got to try.

Singapore is one of my favorite countries. I always find myself flying there once or twice a year over the last five years. It becomes more and more familiar each time. So for this year, I decided I want to try something new like checked in myself to a hipster hostel and spent some time alone. It was pretty much exciting and liberating.

Then I had this urge to contact an old friend that I haven’t seen for years. She works there as a graphic artists. I was eager to know how she found herself a job in a rather competitive first world working environment. I wanted to know why because I needed to get tips. I knew what she’s going to say will stir something inside me and it did. After we met, I knew Singapore will be a perfect contingency plan since I’m perfectly capable of not achieving all my goals in life.