A poem for no one

My back against the dirty sheets,
With legs up on a pile of cushions,
Drifting away as I sink,
Savoring the exhaustion.

The lights flickered twice,
In between, I caught a glimpse of you,
You are shattering, it almost made me cry,
The blanket is no longer giving me comfort.

The walls behind me are staring,
Caressing my skin with fear,
I have already been warned before,
Yet I still went on in this endeavor.

Empty bottles rolled on the floor,
Forming into harmful pieces of stained glass,
Pasted unevenly to the tiles,
Breaking your reflection into several objects.

You were a risk that I consumed,
A shot of caffeine that shot me,
Until my heart was running fast,
Sprinting through every corner,
But keeps getting lost.