Beautiful Nightmare

A window cracked open inside a small portion of my chest,
From it was a strong pressure that sucked all thoughts of you,
Then you turned into a poison that I could not puke,
I started breathing heavily.
I tried to swim away from the sea with floating images of you,
But it was a vast body of water,
So I drowned.
After that, an electric rainbow-colored tornado swirl transported me to a Ferris wheel,
I felt dizzy as your ghost piloted the gigantic machine.
As I reached the ground, you were absolutely gone,
Yet your face was in every amusement kiosk.
I didn’t know if your smile was an invite or mockery,
Still I played all the games where you could possibly be the prize.

Then sanity was coming to the rescue,
Despite the hesitation, I decided to wake up from the dream.

Flight en route to Cebu



photo grabbed from google