Attribute to summer

Those summer nights are over,
Forming into silhouettes of many images,
Going away with the waves,
Slipping through the countless dots by the shore

The sky painted something against the rising sun,
Sequenced through the sea above the mountains,
With clouds forming into different things,
Flashing sorcery of intertwining fiction and reality

The heavens met the ocean before my eyes,
Could there be any bluer than this?
I whispered this question, among other questions, into thick air,
It vanished with the wind, leaving it unanswered.

The evenings were mostly warm and barely cold,
Although strings of my emotions are frozen,
The music was loud and proud,
Mortifying the deafening silence inside my head

The wanderings are almost over,
But I barely found anything,
If anything, I just got tired,
But perhaps, exhaustion is really the fruit of everything.