Food, a split second happy capsule

Aside from music, there is also another thing that could make me literally happy in an instant amid abundant emotions and futile dreams. That thing is food. In my little fanatical universe, food is strong enough to influence my day, mood, and even my perception in life. Sometimes, I get to eat something that is so incredibly delicious that my views in life suddenly turn the brightest. But having to eat something with awful taste could also be correlated with my downgraded outlook on the future, both short-term and long-term.

I live to partially search for “the best food in the world”. So far, my findings say that I don’t have to fly a million miles to be able to taste the “the best food in the world”. I have been to Europe and I’m not impressed with its delicacies. When I went to China, I proved that Filipinos can cook Chinese food better than how Chinese cook them. Nevertheless, some select countries in Asia were already able to fill my heart with so much joy by feeding me with some of the best meals I’ve savoured in this lifetime. From the yummy dumplings in Taiwan to the delicious spring rolls in Vietnam, the spicy aromatic Tom Yum soup of Thailand and Laksa soup of Malaysia, and so much more.

But there’s a fact that I also want to share. Even if the countries that I have mentioned are relatively near and it didn’t take me a lot of hours to get there, there’s one discovery that I have recently unearthed. In one restaurant place in my country called Café Voila, I have come to taste most of the food I’ve earlier mentioned and it made me the happiest person on earth. The restaurant is still new, in fact, it hasn’t opened yet. Scheduled to open on the third week of this month, I was lucky to be one of the first group of people to be able to taste what it has to offer.

This is not a restaurant feature or advertisement. But if it seems so, it is only because the food experience Café Voila has given me is immeasurable one blog in this outcast personal blog site is not even enough.

The co-owner and the chef of the restaurant explained that the name of the bistro means ‘House of Plants’. It doesn’t necessarily focus on a certain continental cuisine. All the viands are basically experimental but with the touch of some country-based flavours. For instance, the chef, during our visit in the restaurant, served us Vietnamese spring rolls. Its taste is very authentic with more zest in it. The same feel she applied to the dip she made side by side to it, very authentic and more zesty.

IMG_50425147515367me and the beautiful chef








Manam, Bulgogi Brothers, Project Pie

Call it outdated but it’s only very recently that I get to eat in Manam, Bulgogi Brothers and Project Pie. These three restaurants are very different from each other, serving totally poles apart set of goodies.

A few weeks ago, my friend Claire celebrated her 2nd year anniversary at work. We decided to eat at Manam, an independent restaurant lining up in the food strip within a mall complex in Makati. The resto serves Filipino comfort food. It was a surprisingly spectacular dinner after work. All the food that she ordered, from Pork Adobo to Sisig, were all damn good. After this, we savored in some delicious crepe at Café Breton.



Few days after, I got a call from my editor to attend to a roundtable discussion with an international group that gives economic aid to the Philippines. It was an event to be held in Bulgogi Brothers, Greenbelt. Bulgogi Brothers, according to its website, specializes in Korean cuisine and bulgogi marinated barbecued meat but some of my pseudo Korean friends said the food there is not authentically Korean. Whatever, I still like it. I just hope that it wasn’t so obvious that I enjoyed the lunch experience more than I did to the information-filled coverage.

bulgogi brothersI’m not so much into Pizza so when my friends decided to eat at Project Pie, I wasn’t that enthusiastic. The scheme in this Pizza place is very new to me. Like a project, you get to choose what you want to put in your Pizza. During my first visit, I decided to go for a White Pizza with Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Cracked Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Garlic, and Fresh Chopped Basil for the base. Then I instructed the chef to add a lot of caramelized onion, Canadian bacon, and ham to it. The result is perfect!




IMG_48981032698102 IMG_85540493690950


Beforehand, I tried to rationalize the purpose of writing this so I can proceed. Lately, I always get this random feeling of emptiness inside me. After a long day at work, I would suddenly find myself sulking in the corner of my room and entertain the convolution inside my heart. While I was having this kind of night the other day, I came across Claire’s blog with a title ‘what makes you happy?’ I can’t help but think of the things that make me happy if there is actually one. Randomly, I texted Claire that food makes me happy. Indeed. It gives me genuine happiness in certain moments in my life. I may not be as optimistic about life but there are times that I am actually happy and the thought of a good food is actually behind it. It gives me so much more to look forward to in a day despite the anxiety towards it.

In between the restaurants I have mentioned, I also got to eat in other old and new food places. In the scale of 1 percent to the crucial 100 percent, I’m so far 60 percent successful in my quest. So if you’ll add this to the full equation measuring my happiness, I am, as of now, 50 percent happy. [I suck at math by the way so I decline to show the whole calculation process in order to compute this]