Lost in the beauty of Thailand

I have only been in Thailand twice. Both trips are work related. Nonetheless, work was never a hindrance for me to appreciate its beauty.

The first time I have been to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was in November 2012. It was my first overseas work trip ever, perhaps one of the most unforgettable trips I’ve had.

I will never forget how I got stuck at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the new Bangkok international airport, the night I touched down the country. I was alone, my phone’s roaming didn’t activate and the person that was supposed to pick me up at the airport didn’t show up. It was past nine and all the airport crew I approached about my misfortune barely understand what I was saying. By that time, I was still a newbie at travelling.

After an hour of being lost and clueless, I decided to take the risk and took a cab to the hotel where I will be staying. It was an hour drive and my cab driver could only say “no English! No English” every time I ask “are we still far from the hotel”.

Every time I tell this story to people, all they could say is they’re happy I got spared from human trafficking, which is one of the few exotic and weird things Thailand is known for.

Despite that experience, which made me imagine of staying at the airport for the rest of the entire trip and just wait for my return flight, I still had a remarkable stay in this country. It’s a country that has preserved its identity fairly well with a culture kept intact by its citizens.

The sun swept faultlessly through the city landscape up to the countryside. My skin sank into sweat as I trailed different places but I wasn’t complaining. I knew that it is not every day that I would get the chance to be in a place full of character that is Thailand.










Two weeks ago, I got another opportunity to visit the country. This time, with a different set of people, and this time, it’s more colourful.

The trip was longer so I had the chance to savour on different types of Tom Yum, Thailand’s hot and sour prawn soup. Being the food-lover as I’ve always been, food is powerful enough to dictate my mood in a day. And so I declare my recent visit to Thailand as quite successful despite so many fuck ups on part of the public relations officer of the company that brought us there.









IMG_6408 IMG_6444





Madelaine Miraflor