Why should I not keep all my friends?

Why should I not keep all my friends? Simple… not all of them are really my friends.

This world is already arduous as it is I don’t want to make it more exhausting by trying to keep all of my friends whom I’ve met on my way to my 22nd year here on earth. You know when they say “not everything is worth keeping”, I believe it also applies to the concept of friendship. I’m not saying some people just don’t deserve to be treasured or kept for that matter. My point is, if your time and their time no longer jive in so many meet-up attempts and the gap between your worlds has already swelled into a massive weight, then maybe, you are really no longer friends. But just because your time as friends is already over, doesn’t mean you can’t treasure the good memories you’ve had.

A few days ago, I woke up realizing that I no longer afford to call everyone my friends. Since I started working, my schedule became literally tight. I only get to meet people for social purposes every once in a while. It is only now that I actually started making effort to meet up with people during my day offs and during these days, I only want to be with people I am comfortable being with, those that can accept the fact that if the trip is not work related, I automatically don on my casual years-old flip-flops.

Some of my friends, they already have a life of their own, which goes on smoothly even without me. Some of them may have forgotten already how it feels to hang out with me, talk to me, and laugh with me. For them, I may not be the best person to share secrets with anymore. I completely understand. There are a lot of things in this world that are beyond my control. For instance, even if we are friends on Facebook, the truth is, years of being away from each other actually translates to the fact that a lot has changed already and your social networking site accounts would only tell me the shallowest part of the entire process. When I say I miss you in photos or posts, I don’t expect that you feel the same way despite your reciprocal reply because that’s just it– we let ourselves became a massive convoluted facility of contained memories and random sentiments but in fact, as humans, we can only take so much.

I can only take so much. I decided not to keep all my friends because it would be unfair to those that have actually stayed… those that keep on showing genuine concerns for you even if you don’t get to reply to their text messages as quickly as you do before, those that get you even if you are in your craziest self, those that you don’t find it awkward to be with in the longest time possible. As I get older, I also realized that having as many friends as you could have wouldn’t even define who you are. Having only few could.

So again, why should I not keep all my friends?

Why would I?