Road trip

“I was drowning in deep anxiety,
My eyes half closed as they look at the reality,
The inexistent shadow embracing the road,
Where I am is in this endless road trip.

Is this a hopeless case? I asked myself,
I was merely looking at anything,
Then the wheels of the car screeched,
All I know is I have to be somewhere else.”


A few days ago, I joined some of the old and new people in my life in a spontaneous road trip to Tagaytay where we devoured this delicious soup dish called Bulalo. It’s not just the food but it’s also the entirety of the night that gave me an ultraviolet high kind of feeling. Everything was happening in a quick twitch of an impulse. I was tired and my eyes were aggressive in putting me to sleep. But I knew then that I was having the best instant bliss I could have in months, so who am I to defy and sleep through that?






photos grabbed from Claire