No, I won’t drunk message you,
Even if the stars are bright and I want you near,
Even if it’s cold and I’m thinking,
Is there a chance for this?

Bottles are empty and so is my heart,
My head is only filled with you,
And so I think I can have another drink,
Because this is all tiring too.

I swerved into a diversion road,
I missed turns but kept going,
There’s no sense ending this drive,
Even if there’s no gas and you are my fuel.

The skies were filled with bright objects when I looked up,
Still, none of them was you,
So if I stop here and chase your stars,
Where is the yield? Would you love me back?

Humans make mistake but I’m not a human,
I’m only a mere creature trapped in a wandering soul,
I’ve travelled so far in search of you,
Now that I did find you, did I really find you?