Random things to miss as Times Reporter


  1. To be called a “Times reporter” is really quite sweet. Aside from The Manila Times, New York Times, Strait Times, World Times also comes to mind… to my mind at least.1476050_10152038112682668_1540486002_n
  2. Being part of the oldest broadsheet in the Philippines is awesome, especially when you’re still so young.
  3. You got a boss who is like your father. You’ve been with him since college and ever since, you know how much he trusts and respects your capabilities. He fired a newly hired desk person and your recent altercation with that person actually triggered it. It hurts that you’re leaving that kind of boss but you also have to move on and see what’s better out there.
  4. My Times colleagues
  5. Going home to your office and see familiar faces.
  6. Manong Noel and Kuya Guard.
  7. Stupid phone calls from stupid people
  8. This moment: “Times ka?” “Yes” “San ka grumaduate?” “Dun din po” [supposedly end of conversation but the query usually goes on].
  9. Daily stock market report every after 3:30 pm since May 2012
  10. Earnings season, first half, second half, ghost month
  11. Pink lemonade and cheese omelette at PSE Boardroom
  12. Iced tea at SEC
  13. PSE
  14. EDGE
  15. To refresh the PSE website from time to time throughout the whole day.
  16. The kulelats no more942506_10151718041008593_1648229959_n429849_10151649596069198_1745327309_n
  17. My daily workmates at PSE-SEC beat: KRISTA, JEROME, JAMES, VG, DORIS, JEN, RUELLE , DANESSA, DAPHNE379692_10151944968068347_765610217_n
  18. My daily workmates at Energy beat: MS. ALENS, CLAIRE, RICHMOND, EUAN, IRIS, ATE RIZA, LENIE, JOAN, TITO VIC.20140625_132918
  19. Workmates (sometimes): MIGUEL AND KUYA BEN
  20. Annual stockholders meeting
  21. stockholders… or no thanks?
  22. Power interruption, price hike, power plants, groundbreaking, commencement, shortage, rollback, among any other crazy energy-related jargons.
  23. Secretary Petilla and PSE chief Hans Sicat, among other energy and corporate officials. And oh, Fer!
  24. All the analysts for my stock market report.
  25. SUWECO [only my friends from the energy beat will understand].
  26. G
  27. The laughs and the stories in between deadlines are priceless. It seems that we were there at that moment to work part-time and have fun in most of the day.
  28. Ok, I will be a hypocrite if I’ll say I won’t miss this: free meal, buffets, and desserts, among other things that made me this fat now.
  29. All time highs and record lows
  30. Feelings in between work
  31. PR Friends and PR Enemies… well, actually it’s only one. So there, PR Enemy.


I know there are so much more to miss—little things and big things. How to put them in words and how to remember them being distant memories still remains vague. Maybe the continuity of this overall journey will remind me of those memories bit by bit and then I can update this ‘things to miss list’ from time to time. My emotions are still controlled. I swore to myself that my last day as Times reporter wouldn’t be filled with so much tears because it wouldn’t be fair to my next journey if I wouldn’t be welcoming it with a smile. There’s no point sulking. I know I’m not leaving, just moving forward and sort of trying to fast-track it. Changes are one of the most sacred rules of life yet it sways like an elusive static wind above mountains—so predictable, unpredictable, demanding, challenging, and dominating but we still need to follow them and abide by them like the air that we need to seize in order to stay alive.