My recent trip to Bicol, my father’s home province, made me realize even more how I love travelling, whether or not someone is waiting on the other line. In just merely a week, I saw a paradise, made a great escape, see my dad, witness a storm ravaging my dad’s lovely isolated town, and got lost… to my own world, to the real deal, to the set of fragmented bits and pieces of reality I don’t have a choice but partake. Until the habit of learning how not to sleep through a dream for a thousand years is already as impossible as waking up in the middle of the night after a long day that is your life.


I proved recently that the best things in life do not come for free and sometimes they can even get a little expensive. Well, I also believed in luck and how it can give me some of these best things for free for a limited time.

Last weekend, I had a quite luxurious trip with some of my workmates, including my best friend at work. This trip was sponsored by a company official we recently interviewed. Apparently, he owns this upscale resort somewhere in the outskirts of the Bicol region, which boast the perfectly cone-shaped Mayon Volcano and remarkable beaches.

The resort is called the great “Misibis Bay Resort” aka an island playground. There were only us and a few other guests. Somehow, the resort’s emptiness has filled me with so much happy memories to indulge with my friends. I mean, who needs a place with a bunch of strangers when my friends are there, as candid as they could be, to spend a wonderful moment with.



photo 2

photo 3















The irony about this icon is actually, for the first time in so many trying times in my life, I didn’t want to escape, which was also kind of an escape in a broader perspective… to my standpoint at least. With so much overwhelming and exciting things lining up, I didn’t want to fly. I just wanted to stay, to feel more of how to be alive.

After the Misibis trip, I travelled clueless by my lonesome. I was heading to my dad’s house. It was within the Bicol region but God knows how huge the entire province is. To get to my Pop by land, I need at least three hours and if you are taking the bus, like I did, I needed four hours. It was my first time to make such trip. My cluelessness about it made the trip seems endless but exciting nonetheless.

Reunion with my dad

I saw my dad whom I missed so much and this was the best part. Need I say more?




Storm chaser moment

Beforehand, I haven’t really experienced, witness rather, a natural calamity knocking on your door, almost destructing it. So when the most destructive typhoon of the year opted to hit Bicol region, I felt like I chased it more than it chased me. Of all the places it will hit and of all the places I can be when it hit it, I was there and it headed there.











I have never felt so isolated for awhile but it was a feel-good isolation. No internet, no phone signals. Technically, I was a thousand fallen trees and electricity posts away from the real world. The more I felt secluded each day, the more I felt secured. I wanted it and wanted more of it.


At the end of the trip, I went home alone. Whether or not someone is waiting at the end of the line, like I said, I’m still happy to be in this journey.

Although, after leaving for more than a week, I felt out of place of the world I believed I belong to. I also realized that the more I let myself get used to this, if I try to loosen up attachment strings and wander more, maybe there would no longer be so much sense in feeling so lost because you could only get yourself found each time. I get anxious about people missing me a lot of times but maybe, if I try to unfasten a bit my attachment seatbelt inside my vehicular emotion jar, then maybe I can get rid of the anxiety and let these people forget me somehow as they should.