Today, I emailed my boss the ultimate letter. I’m quitting. After two years, I’ve had that strength to push the send button—a small gesture that I know will create so much impact in so many aspects of my life.

Few hours before my final interview to my prospective job, I convinced myself to only think of happy thoughts about The Manila Times. I decided to set aside the aches the company made me feel because it is going to be unhealthy and it wouldn’t help me with this interview.

The Manila Times is not just the oldest broadsheet in the country but it has also been my home for so many years. It kept me shielded to the real world until it exposed me carefully and slowly to the reality with very little pain. It had seen me grow up, turn small, and shine in few moments of my life as a reporter. Basically, we’ve been intertwined. I think it defines me more than anything else now. Its name is somehow already stuck in my soul like an organ vital to my existence.

I should be happy but I know I’m leaving so many things behind too—so many good people that I’m used to spending crazy work days with. They are on top of my “things to miss in this job list”. But changes are good. When the year 2014 entered, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t be afraid of them. I’m no longer a kid. If I have to make decisions, I need to stand up for them. (To be continued the moment I’m sobered up)