No strings attached 67897th

“Admit it to Universe and forgive yourself,” my friend told me.

I don’t know how long I’d stay like this. I guess I just don’t fit in a normal life like everyone else does. I have sinned and I don’t know how long I could take this all in my stomach. Or I’d just rather puke it out.

A few days ago, I have made a very wrong decision. But it feels so right. It feels so good. It feels so damn good.

I have no intentions to ruin lives, I have mine to destroy. I just needed to escape. In an empty elevated Nipa hut in the core of a sleeping vacationland, I knew I needed to release it to feel myself freely once more. I needed to free myself amid the society that tells you not to do this and that, the society that looks at you with forever judging eyes, and the world that isolates you in so many rules and regulations.