Take me to where I belong,
in the seamless ocean behind here and now,
where I rule above my own innocence,
when I still cry to the thought of a lost candy.

Where the trees are still bright as mint green,
I amuse myself under the images of the past,
with the faded color of nostalgia in my sight,
life’s moving so fast, I wonder why.

Take me to the exact moment where I belong,
To the time where I seek happiness in a bubble,
And a joy of a playmate is a joy to me,
With a smile that roots from my parents’ embrace.

Bring me to my favourite places as a child,
In the place I call castle as a princess,
With my father as the king and mom as the queen,
Before gloom came and owned it.

Unknown about what future will bring,
I’m lost in the present stuck in uncertainty,
Take me to the past for I don’t belong here,
Life’s really moving so fast, I wonder why.