Love and women

Sometimes, I feel so out of place in this world. Every time I’m finding out another girl among my high school batch mates got pregnant, or a random teenage girl in the neighbourhood is, I get frustrated. In this fast-modernizing world, it would make you feel upset that for some people, the world will still stop, when they fall in love.

I don’t intend to ruin the idea of love, I dwell in it my dreams when a stressful, productive day is over. But I do believe in Feminism and the fight towards that, battles years and years ago towards equal political, economic, and social rights for women that we somehow enjoy now, although not entirely. I’m just saying, love shouldn’t stop everyone from progressing. It is a concept that people should enjoy in absence of social pressure, the kind of anxieties that some people would feel when everyone is switching relationship status on Facebook and they still haven’t.

A year ago, one of my friends confessed to me about being pregnant. Of course, in this society that I live in now, I was not shocked. But I somehow hated her. She just graduated college that time and just starting to establish her career in a big automobile manufacturing firm. There was just too much potential in her—she dances in competition, joins beauty pageant, sings and paints. She quitted her job eventually.

This may look so simple despite her being knocked up by a jobless teenage guy who is already a father to another child in his young former girlfriend, but I was thinking about her parents in the duration of her tragic story telling. As their oldest, she’s also their only child who actually finished her studies, while the younger ones opted to live in when their partners. Take note, the younger ones and this friend of mine is even younger than me.

Now that the baby came out, she’s struggling. I’m not trying to make it seem like it’s karma, I merely believe in it. It’s more of a consequence that they don’t really have to endure all their life. Like I said, love shouldn’t be the end of it, it should always be the beginning. If they really love each other, they should help each other towards progress and I just hope they do because they are both my friends. Still, I’m frustrated that their baby doesn’t get the best nutrition that he deserves.

Going back, how sweet and cheesy is the thought of holding hands in public, mentioning each other in Twitter, and sleeping over at each other’s house. Wait, sleeping over at each other’s house? So I guess, it’s just not cheesy and sweet but it also gets ridiculous at some point, especially when you’re doing it while you’re still getting support from your parents and couldn’t even live a single day without asking for allowance. Again, I have nothing against about people falling in love. I stand with my belief that falling in love is not wrong when it’s happening in the right curve, going up and not down even if the concept of falling tells us of otherwise.