I woke up with a slowly becoming familiar feeling, getting used to the foreign warm breeze sailing underneath my skin, with my soul beginning to drown with candid wishes, dreams that hope for constant immunity against compulsion.

I was in Taiwan. This was months ago when my newspaper sent me to an APEC coverage in that country. It was warm then. The weather is almost similar in my country except that it wasn’t that humid there. There’s always a feel of the countryside even if you’re in the capital while everyone is actually jam-packed there.

Together with other journalists in different parts of the world, I was briefed about Taiwan’s agriculture, foreign affairs, trade, and so much more. The knowledge that we gained ranges from the country’s unassuming existence towards its desire to be known. We met with the country’s several government officials and we were brought in different tourist spots.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Taiwan is a very charming country in a very effortless way. Its simplicity is what’s making it such a nice place to stay in. Aside from the place, I also get to meet new people in different parts of the world. This is the most awesome part.

I was in my last day of stay there. I got up to the same hotel room I’ve been during the past seven days, now filled with several packed luggage. The feeling of longing has started to sink in. I knew I’m going to miss this country and all the things that happened here more than I can imagine.

Even it was just a more than a week. It gave me the independence I’ve always wanted. Everything and everyone in the place are new. I don’t have relatives in that country but even if I do, I would still prefer to be alone.


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