Once upon a time

Once upon a time, you were there…
In the sky reflecting through the oceans,
In the empty highway I’ve crossed with you,
In dreams I chose to wake up to everyday.

In rainy days, you were there,
As the love I opted to indulge,
As the strength I took pleasure in,
As the air I sourced more life to.

For a moment, you were there,
To provide me the sunshine I needed,
To capture all my flaws,
To believe and distrust me at the same time.

I knew you were there because I felt it,
You were a memory that’s stringed through me,
The change that I am now,
The change that swathes all of me.

Now it was just all gone,
Ensnared in once upon a time,
You were an adoration wronged by false promises,
Lost in the images of rain.