How temporary was this for you?

mads miraflor

How temporary
was this for you?
While I give up everything,
While my expectations are high,
While I closed the gates of possibilities,
And locked you up in my dreams?

How long was a lifetime,
When you’re just in the moment of uttering it?
How much was your faithfulness,
When you’re just in the moment of promising it?

Lifetime became so temporary,
So abrupt that it disappeared in an instance,
A lie that started and ended as a lie,
Which also pretended to be something else,
Has taken away everything right.

My endless stares used to outshine the morning,
My faith has tracked the longest road,
Hopes have reached the tallest peak,
And forever has vanished into thick smoke.

Fear sways into my body and soul,
Even with eyes closed, I see how it dances before the darkness,
The images of betrayal stayed hanging right through my head,
It just used to be there,
Then it goes back.

written in 2012