London bridge did not fall down, it only shined bright like a diamond

I have only been in London for seven days but I felt like I’ve already been there for years, that when I was about to leave, it feels like I’m slowly drifting away from where my heart decided to reside for awhile, it feels like I let a dream slip away just few seconds I got a small taste of it.

United Kingdom is a very beautiful country although its weather, which I later found tolerable, almost killed me during the first days of the trip. I will never forget the moment I went out of the HeathrowAirport and how the intense unfamiliar cold breeze hurried past inside me.

More than a year ago, I received an email from my uncle, a British businessman who is married to my father’s older sister, asking me if I want to consider studying a post-grad journalism course in Europe, specifically around United Kingdom. My heart, at that moment, went like ‘Of Course!’ but being the coward that I’ve always been, I refused to accept, rather delay, the offer that could have changed my life, thinking that I’m still not ready to travel that far or that I still lack experience—excuses that somehow made me lose this wonderful opportunity although I keep on telling myself that I wouldn’t want to have things any other way, I mean even if it saddens me to think that I brought all of my frustrations upon myself, I would still choose this path. From then on, I’ve been trying to convince myself that all the things that happened to me in that span of more than a year where I could have already been spending in London are still priceless.

But things are a bit different now. I’ve started to contemplate more over my dreams and my future. It’s a punishment that I make myself feel each day for choosing this road because even if I would have never dared cross a different route back then, I know I would always go back to the exact moment where I turned down the chance that I’ve been waiting for just because I chickened out.

My London coverage was one hell of an experience for me. It made my dreams explode into a million bubbles that later on turned me into a child smiling openly to the universe, praying while standing into a ground full of broken promises.

I couldn’t describe more how London got me fell in love with it real hard. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been to a foreign country. I appreciate all the places I’ve been to, all the different cultures I have experienced, and how all of these foreign places made me cry of pure amazement. But United Kingdom is a pole apart from these places and experiences. It has captured me and shoved me on the edge of the mountain in front of the ocean of an endless reverie, drowning me into a wider sketch of my ambitions.