Indeed I’m tired

From the crowded tube filled with noise,
to a circle surrounded with intrinsic hypocrisy,
clarity and bits of harmony were bound with wire,
they are clamoring in my head,
Indeed, I’m tired.

I’m tired of listening to a boastful mediocre,
an individual flaring with senseless anger,
So from this day on, free me from being armed
with your fordable angst and never-ceasing rants.

I’m tired of dealing with useless entities,
the ones I conclude stoically deadened by some circumstances,
webbing himself with beautiful lies and envies,
Should I just pity him because of his intense foolishness?

Whenever I pace this familiar path,
I feel I am crossing a plain shadowed with wrath,
Garbage of emotions bombarded with schemes,
A plot of a woman grieving for even just a great dream.