Quick bliss

What, where, when and to whom you can find bliss? I think I just found mine, right now, right here at my favourite coffee shop, at the right spot, with the right drink.

I just ate the best vegetable salad I’ve ever tasted, this is part of the blissful scene. I’ve been hooked up with this coffee shop for years now and I just found out that it also serves the best salad. Also, I have with me my new favourite drink, which will keep me an entitled customer of this cafe for more hours until it’s time to leave.

While savouring each part of my meal, there goes a random playlist in my laptop. I’m hearing beautiful songs now with my pink earphones stuck in my ears.

I’m also excited about my date with my family later and this actually adds a lot of color to this certain memory.

The best part of this moment is this is all happening while I’m at work and I’m not pressured at all. I’ve even taken a pause to write this post because this moment is just beautiful and I appreciate each minute that passes me by right now.

This is not a brag. This is more of a realization. Now, I was just able to take a break and listen to the sound of the wave of beautiful instances. But just because I’m happy right now, right this moment, doesn’t mean I no longer have problems. I have tons of them, if you care to ask. For all we know, I could be crying few hours after this because of the occurrence of some awful events that I didnt anticipate. But I’m going to be such an ungrateful person if I wouldn’t take time to realize that I’m actually in a perfect moment. After all I have just discovered the best salad in town.

Chinese Chicken Salad of CBTL [photo by foodspotting.com]