World’s no.1 problem

I can rant about my failed past relationship, my shitty mood towards my job, my talkshit and insensitive friends, and about being broke, but they will not be the main reason why I am not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Friends (who are mostly aliens and non-existent mutants), I introduce you to the world’s number one problem—worse than a cheating ex, being poor, being in a country polluted with corrupt and ridiculous politicians, global warming, blondies like Paris, new style of Charice, cancer, among others—it’s your family.

Family issues are the worse. It just wouldn’t let you sleep at night it would crash your head for over-thinking and slice your heart into thousand pieces. You’ll get mad but the guilt will always be there. You would want to run away but your feet will just keep on going back. At the end of the day, you will find yourself lying on your bed, trying to fall asleep even if you feel like the Universe is being ultimately mean for sending your family in its millionth trial.

The cycle is this: it is either you against your family; you and your family against each other; or your family against the world. All are cruel. I already got the full taste of this cycle.

Two days ago, I was ranting about my brothers and my mom and how they treat me and on the next day, we found ourselves mutually despising our relatives for being irrationally evil. So it turned out the bigger problem momentarily killed a sentimental predicament that has been making me sleepless for several nights now.

I want to kill somebody but my educational experience of almost 16 years has honed me into someone with conscience and proper mindset. Also, the cruel reality is slapping me the classic fact that blood is thicker than water and the society will just never forgive me if I curse one of the people whom I shared the same blood whatever. I don’t care about the society though. Who I do care about is my family despite the idea that they irritate me most of the time.

I then wished that the cycle would just go back to me against them than us against the world. This cycle is the worst because this would make you realize that even if you combine forces with them and compromise how you feel towards them, it just wouldnt work out… this will make you realize how your family is powerless

Money and jealousy is the root of all the never-ending bashing and the drama and it just wouldn’t end there. It’s the root and the rest is an endless cheesy and hatred-filled movie.

Now if you ask me how I often deal with them? I sit and write and post a blog.

Also, I happened to come across some family old photos: